Another bloody game from KULT Interactive. This game is intended for Mature Audience only. Hopkins is a secret FBI agent that investigate Bernie's hideout. After the escape from the high security prison, Bernie creates a series of terrors in the town. His acts begin with the bank robbery. Let's just quote what they say in the cover:

If Quentin Tarantino had ever created video game,
it would have been "Hopkins FBI"

Tips: Pick up everything you find. Usually the items will be used directly in the next screen. The hint below considers that you know about this. It's not step by step hints but it's a guide to beat the game. You could do many other things like examining items, but it's not the necessary steps to complete the game.




Q : How could I use my car outside ?
A : Get the car key. It's hidden inside the left couch. Search it thoroughly. Take the gun (on the wall) and the screwdriver (on the table) also. You need them later on.


Q : How could I get inside the bank ?
A :
Speak to the officer in charge, Sergeant Anderson, first. It's the blonde guy near the police car. Ask him about the negotiations and ask for the megaphone also. Use it on the bank's door. Negotiate with the robber. Tell them to exchange the hostages with you. Accept their demand on chopper.

Q : Where is the bomb ?
A :
It's behind the left ashtray. Move it. You'll find a brown box that contain the bomb.

Q : How could I disarm the bomb ?
A :
The clue is on the piece of paper at the chopper landing. Pick it up. Notice the scheme of the bomb and the word MLR. Search the shelf on the left (on the wall behind the left most computer). You'll find a wire cutter there. Open the brown box and cut the wires in this order: Yellow (middle), Green (left), and Red (right). The MLR word stands for Middle, Left, and Right.

Empty Lot

Q : Where is the clue for the robber ?
A :
Move the wrapping paper on the ground (near the pool of water in front of the chopper). Get the shoelace. That's the only clue for the murder. Bring this clue to the FBI Laboratory. Give it to the man in charge there.

FBI Office

Q : When will the lab inform me about the clue ?
A :
The time will come after you do everything you could in this office. Speak to the operator at the receptionist desk (the blonde girl) and she'll inform you about the clue later on. For now, just browse around and talk to everybody (including Samantha in her office and your boss upstairs).

Q : What is the password in my office ?
A :
It's your own name, Hopkins.

Q : Where is the key to unlock the right cabinet in my office ?
A :
Search the top left desk drawer. You'll find the key to unlock the cabinet. Get the grenade inside.

Q : What is the phone number of the lab ?
A :
When the time come, the operator will tell you the phone number. It's 56251536. Use the phone on your desk. The coroner will tell you that the clue point to a place in the forest. Use your car to go there (it's the lower left corner of your screen.


Q : How could I get across the river ?
A :
Get rope on boat. Throw it to a piece of wood across the river (it's on the cliff). Now you could cross the river safely with the boat.

Q : They shoot me. What should I do ?
A :
Use your gun. Shoot back !! This is the usual order for their presence on the screen: Left, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left.

Q : I couldn't get in the hut. Someone guard it ?
A :
Throw the grenade through the open door. It will blow him away. But, alas the last person manages to shoot you before his death. You'll be transported to the gate of heaven.

Heaven Gate

Q : How could I go back to earth ?
A :
Ask everybody in the room. They will tell you that they come through the teleporter in the other room.

Q : How could I get pass the guard that stand in front of the teleporter room ?
A :
Find a disguise. Go to the bathroom on the far right room. Get the wig and woman clothes on the hangar. Use it. Go back to guard and now you could speak with him. Offer him a drink.

Q : He's not thirsty. What should I do ?
A :
Find a way to make him thirsty. Get the peanut from the distributor on the counter in the bar. Give it to the guard. He'll get thirsty and accept your offer. Go inside the room, pull down the lever on the right and use the teleporter on the left.

Q : I couldn't reach the button to operate the teleporter. It's too far.
A :
Get the dart from the dart board in the bar (it's hanging on the back wall). Use the dart to push the button from the teleporter.




Q : What should I do now ?
A :
Pick up he bill on the ground. Now it's 8 pm. Remember the appointment with your girlfriend, Samantha ? Go directly to her house. Prepare your gun when you walk back across the forest. There are still lots of bad guys hanging around. Most of them appear from the right side of the screen.

Samantha's House

Q : Where is Samantha ?
A :
Something wrong here. Use your gun to blow up the door to your right.

Q : It's too dark in the bathroom, where is the light ?
A :
Fix the fuse first. Someone destroy it.

Q : How could I replace the broken fuse ?
A :
Search the vase on the desk. You'll find a chewing gum. Use it, then use the foil to replace the broken fuse in the fuse box. Get inside the bathroom and open the curtain to the shower. There is a corpse in the bath tube. Read the blood inscription on the edge of the bathtub. There's a clue there.

Notes: Don't forget to get the sleeping pills from the closet's left drawer. It will be very important later on.

Q : What should I do now ? There is no clue at all.
A :
Go back to your office at the FBI building. Someone has sent you a parcel there. Get it from the top of your desk. Open it. You'll find a videotape inside. Go back quickly to Samantha's house and use the videotape on the video. Turn it on. Turn the TV on. Look at the monitor. Bernie gives you a game called 'Where is Samantha?'

Swimming Pool

Q : "Where man has fins, your reflection must float". What does it mean ?
A :
Go to swimming pool. That is the only place a man could use his fin. You must use something like mirror to reflect the light on the pool ('float').

Q : How could I get pass the dog ? It's blocking the way.
A :
Search the trash can at the Empty Lot. You'll find a chicken leg. Use it with the dog to distract it. Now you could safely get the jerry can also.

Q : Where could I find a mirror to reflect the light ?
A :
Get the mirror from the bathroom (above the bathtub) in Samantha's house. Throw it to the swimming pool. Another body will appear and another note with riddle on it.


Q : "Warm will be the king, checkmate he will be." What does it mean ?
A :
Find a king statue in the museum (it's Louis XVI - King of France) and notice the fireplace nearby. You must warm the king by turning on the fireplace.

Q : How could I burn the fireplace ?
A :
Get the empty bottle from the Empty Lot (it's below the chopper). Get the rag from the bathroom inside Samantha's house. Combine them together to make a molotov bomb. Use jerry can to wet the rag with oil. Get the lighter from inside the bottom drawer in Samantha's living room also. Light the rag with it, then throw the bottle into the fireplace. It will melt down the statue of the king and reveal another body and a note on it.

Movie Theatre

Q : "Star for a day, she will be." What does it mean ?
A :
Star for a day happens to a movie star. Go there and look for your next clue.

Q : How could I get pass the guard ?
A :
Bribe him with the bill you found in the forest. You could go upstairs now.

Q : Where is the next clue ?
A :
Enter the door with forbidden sign on it. Use the cable beside the projector (it's lying on the floor) and plug it in the socket. Push the switch to turn on the projector. Pull the lever on the left of the projector to raise the curtain of the screen. Go down and enter the theatre. You'll see a body hanging on the screen. Read the next inscription.

Shooting Range

Q : "Hit the bulls' eye. Five, only you get the jackpot." What does it mean ?
A :
Go to the shooting range and use the shooting range 5. Shoot the target and pull the lever. Get the target. My God, you kill your own girlfriend. Get the videotape and the key. Go to Samantha's house and play the videotape. That sucker must pay for this !!

Q : What is this key use for ?
A :
Go to Sam's office in the FBI building. Use the key to unlock her left cabinet (the one near her computer). You'll find a piece of note with number 328MHZA on it.

Q : Where is the next clue ?
A :
Use the number to operate her computer. Inside you'll find a notes about Condor Island. You have to go there and investigate.

Q : How could I go to that island ?
A :
Talk to your boss upstairs. He'll pay the flight there. Go to the airport and fly to ...



Beach and the Village

Q : How could I get pass the guard to the factory ?
A :
You need a worker badge for that. See the worker who stand on the pool of oil. You have to find a way to get his badge. Maybe that cat on the trash can and the guard dog could help you with your mission.

Q : How could I distract the cat ?
A :
You have to do something to make it moves. You got to have its food. Yup, the fish. A shop in the village sell a fishing rod. You could catch a fish at the harbor.

Q : I got no money. How could I buy the rod ?
A :
Get some money first. Go back to the beach and move the shell lying on the sand. Underneath it you'll find several gold coins.

Q : The shopkeeper won't accept the gold coins, what should I do ?
A :
Talk to one of the tourist there (the fat man who sits on the left). He'll offer you to play a game of dice. Use the coins as a bet. You'll win $75. Use the money to buy the rod (just put the bill on it).

Q : I couldn't catch any fish at the harbor. The fish won't bite the hook.
A :
Are you missing something here. Find a bait first. Get the shovel near the fat man on the village. It's in front of the laundry. Use it on wet sand at the beach to get a earth worm. You have to do it 3 times before you get one. Use the worm as a bait on your rod. Now you could catch a fish.

Q : I use the fish to distract the cat and the dog hit the worker. Where he goes ?
A :
His clothes get dirty because of the pool of oil. Find him at the bar. Talk with him and notice the laundry ticket on his pocket.

Q : How could I get that laundry ticket ?
A :
You have to drug him first. Put the sleeping pills on his glass when he doesn't see you. After he sleep, snap the ticket from his pocket. Go to laundry and show the man the ticket. Search his jacket and get the badge. Show this badge to the guard in front of the factory. Now you could get inside.

The Factory

Q : What should I do in this factory ?
A :
Tell the operator that you'll need a tour in the factory. You'll get an access to the right elevator by doing this. Inside the elevator, there is a special slot to open a secret door to underground. You got to have a special ID from the locked room on the third floor to use this slot.

Q : How could I get inside the locked room ?
A :
You have to distract the guard inside first. There's a means and an opportunity on the second floor.

Q : How could I make a distraction ?
A :
Go inside both the offices on the first floor. Search the desk on the right room and you'll find a matches. On the left room you'll find a paper clip on the paper on the table. Go to fourth floor and head to the lab (left door). Get the gloves lying on the table (near the plant next to the left scientist). Go to second floor. Use the gloves and unplug the vacuum cleaner from the socket. Use the paper clip on the socket to make a short circuit. This will shut down the camera inside the room in front of the vacuum cleaner. Use the matches to burn the trash can. This act will make the guard on the third floor leaves the room. Quickly go there and get the ID on the table.

Q : What should I do with the ID ?
A :
Go inside the elevator and use it on the slot. It will open a secret door. Get inside and use the ID again on the slot on the right panel. This will raise an elevator to a submarine in the pool. Get inside the submarine and dive.



The Submarine

Q : Where is the secret base ?
A :
Travel using this direction: Up - Up - Right - Up - Up - Left - Up. You'll reach the secret base. Bernie will catch you this time and you'll be thrown to jail.

Secret Base

Q : How could I escape from this jail ?
A :
Search the trash can and get the diamond. Use the diamond on the middle laser ray. It will make a hole on the wall. You'll enter the next cell. Open the coffin and look inside. Use it to hide yourself. You'll be transported into a chamber with lots of tube in it. I call this room as a Tube room. You'll see Samantha's corpse inside the second tube from the left most tube.

Q : What should I do in this base ?
A :
You have to find a way to defeat Bernie and resurrect Samantha. Use the map below to help you to walking around the base. Basically you have to use the 'Ctrl' key to shoot all the guard you meet. When your life points is low, enter one of the rooms to heal yourself.

Q : What should I do with Samantha's corpse ?
A :
Push the button below the tube to transport her body to Resurrection Room. Get the gas bottle beside the table, gas protection serum on the table (the blue flask), and search the shelf for the syringe. Get out from the room, kill all the guards that block your way and head straight to Control Room in sector 2.

Q : What should I do inside the Control Room ?
A :
Push the red middle button to release the slot protection. Insert the gas bottle in the empty slot. Drink the serum to protect yourself and push back the red button to release the poison gas. It will spread the gas all over the base (I don't know why it didn't kill all the guards there).

Q : What should I do now ?
A :
Go to laboratory in sector 1 (it's just right of Control Room). Use the syringe to draw your blood. Insert it in the empty slot on the panel. It will create your clone. But the clone will die because of the poison gas. This is the only way to meet Samantha in the heaven's gate. Now you could switch back and forth between yourself and your clone.


Q : What should I do with Samantha ?
A :
Tell her that you'll bring her back to earth. You'll see a cut scene where you take her through the transporter. Switch back to your real body.

Secret Base

Q : Where is Samantha now ?
A :
Go to Resurrection Room at Sector 3. You'll see Samantha's corpse. Push the switch on the right panel to resurrect her.

Q : Where is Bernie ?
A :
You could access his secret room through the Dome at sector 1 (the right path on Sector 1). Bring Samantha there too (you'll have to do it one by one). Push the button on the right control panel. Use Samantha to push the left button. Through the hole on the middle you could go to Bernie's office.

Q : I jump to the hole but Bernie defeat me. What should I do to defeat him ?
A :
Remember, Bernie could go back through the teleporter in the Heaven Gate. Switch to your clone before you jump in. Get the knife from the dead man in the waiting room. Ask him to give you the knife. Use the knife to cut the power cable of the teleporter. Now you could jump to the hole and defeat Bernie.



Items Location Exact Location
Car Keys Hopkins House In the couch
Screwdriver . On the table
Gun . In the holster on the wall
Bomb Notes Bank On the roof (chopper landing)
Brown box (Bomb) . Behind the left ashtray
Wire cutter . On the left shelf
Empty bottle Empty Lot Below the chopper
Chicken leg . In the trashcan
Shoelace . Under the wrapping paper
Cabinet keys FBI Building Bottom drawer, Hopkins office
Grenade . Locked cabinet, Hopkins office
Videotape . On Hopkins desk after coming back from heaven
Samantha's note . Inside her locked cabinet after Samantha's death
Rope Forest On the boat
Bill . On the ground, in front of the hut
Wig & woman cloth Heaven Gate On the stand, bathroom
Peanut . Distributor, in the bar
Darts . Dartboard, on the wall (bar)
Knife . The man's body (waiting room)
Chewing gum Samantha House In the vase on the table
Lighter . In the top left drawer
Rag . Dresser, bathroom
Sleeping pills . Dresser's drawer, bathroom
Mirror . Above the bathtub
Jerry can Swimming pool Beside the pool
Samantha's key Shooting Range Samantha's body
Videotape . Samantha's body
Gold coins Condor Island Under the shell, beach
Shovel Condor Village In front of the laundry
Fishing Rod . Fishing Shop
Fish . In the ocean, harbor
Laundry ticket . Worker's pocket, bar
Jacket and badge . Laundry
Earth worm Condor Island Below wet sand, beach
Matches Factory, 1st floor On the desk, right room
Paper clip . On the desk, left room
Gloves Factory, 4th floor On the desk near plant, lab
Security ID Factory, 3rd floor On the desk, control room
Ring with diamond Secret Base In the trash, jail
Syringe . On the shelf, Tube room
Gas bottle . Beside the desk, Tube room
Serum flask . On the desk, Tube room

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